About the Lollygagger

Born and raised in small town Wyoming, I was always itching to get out and explore.  This desire for exploration pushed me to Dallas, Texas in 2010, bringing about a whole new world at my fingertips.  This new world included an opportunity to work at the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance, bringing me closer to subject matter that I couldn’t seem to know enough about.  Working alongside inspirational Survivors and inquiring schoolchildren, I decided that the time to thrust myself outside my comfort zone had arrived, and so I started the incredibly nerve-racking, excellent weight loss program of applying to grad school…at an internationally ranked college…in London, England.  And thus this blog was born, to get myself out of the responsibility that is mass emailing, and force people to come to me if they were curious for an update (really this blog was born out of conceit and laziness…).  Now that I have received my MA in Holocaust Studies from University College London, the adventures still continue.  While posing as a paralegal by day, I also moonlight as an adjunct professor for the University of Wyoming (though this also occurs by day…I’m becoming a multitasker extraordinaire).  The small town Wyoming lifestyle has pulled me back in to provide me with the most magnificent opportunities, and so I am soaking up the mountains and family that come alongside these new, and sometimes unconventional, experiences.  But being back in my home state doesn’t mean we can’t have adventures along the way, right?



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