Here’s to [potentially] bad decisions!

It’s probably one of my more stubborn ideas, but I’ve committed. And now putting it on the Internet makes it impossible for me to back out, because I’d not only be breaking a legally binding contract with myself (That’s how those things work, right?) but I’d look like a giant flake if I did back out.  What is the stubborn idea that I may be regretting in several weeks’ time you ask?  Well, remember the academic conference that (somehow) accepted my proposal?  The one in Pennsylvania?  Welp, I’ve dusted off my atlas (ok FINE, I looked at Google Maps, because it was easier and I didn’t have to get up…) and decided that the time for adventure is upon me; and so, I’ve made the [potentially bad] decision to drive all 1,785 miles instead of being an intelligent traveller and flying.  I hadn’t realized until a few weeks ago how much I miss traveling, and so it’s time to pack Bertha the Camera and see what all 1,785 miles of road have to offer.  (I’m just going to keep repeating the mileage, because I’m not quite sure I’ve completely wrapped my mind around how far that actually is…)

Now comes the question: “Kobi, how far along have you gotten with your presentation?”  First of all, why do you always ask the tough questions?!  Secondly, of course, I’ve been procrastinating.  Which means…I’ve only written the proposal and thought fleetingly about actually sitting down and writing it all out.  What can I say: undergrad and postgrad have not broken me of that extremely bad habit.  I have, however, decided that I will be creating the presentation out of the first half of my M.A. dissertation, focusing on how the usage of ghetto mental institutions was a form of Jewish resistance.  So that’s a starting point, right?  Not really, because I had that figured out in January?  Alrighty then…

To continue this post’s theme of procrastination, I’m currently putting off writing the 1,984th cover letter of 2014 by updating you with the mundane.  So talking about my procrastination while procrastinating on another project should PROBABLY be a cry for help, but I’m going to instead practice another bad habit and deny, deny, deny that I’m avoiding responsibility.  I will, however, answer the next big question that, if posed to me in person, would cause me to shoot you the ‘death glare’ until you burst into flames (only in my mind, of course): yes, I’m still unemployed.  I’ve given myself until the end of next month to find ‘Holocaust’ related employment, and then if I’m still unsuccessful I’m going to pick a place on the map, take whatever job doesn’t make me want to jump off a bridge, and start the process of applying for my PhD.  There, I’ve addressed the elephant in the blogosphere.  And now I feel so guilty that I’m going to make my 7th cup of coffee and finish the 1,984th cover letter.  Ugh, you’ve shamed me into productivity…

The front cover of this year's program

The front cover of this year’s program

My name has never looked professional before…this is a strange feeling.


10 thoughts on “Here’s to [potentially] bad decisions!

  1. The products of your procrastination process always make me laugh 🙂 good luck with your trip (and writing the presentation!!!)

  2. Drive safely, those other presenters in that session won’t know what to do if you don’t make it. And they are probably procrastinating too; at least one of them has (unlike you) even less of an idea about what to say than he had in January. Print up business cards to give out to everyone at the conference; those things help if you get so nervous you forget your name, and if you put the “tongue sticking out” photo on them, at least that will be memorable!

    • Well I’m glad to know I’m not alone in the procrastination boat! We’ll create presentation gold with time to spare, I have no doubts. Considering the lingering unemployment, maybe an eye-catching photo is the way to go!

  3. That sounds like fun! When are you leaving? I’ve driven cross country 3 times and it’s always more fun than flying.

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