I think I’ve drunk from the ‘winter Kool Aid’…

I’ve always maintained that I despise cold weather; it makes me incredibly grumpy.  So I assumed coming back to the climate I dislike so much would put me into a perpetual state of grouchiness.  However, I have found the additional ingredient to curb the grumpiness: not having to go outside!  (One of the perks of unemployment.)  And when I do have to venture outside, I get to partake in one luxury that has eluded me this past decade of driving: parking inside a garage, thus never having to scrape ice off of my windshield.  (Side note: I’ve only been granted garage privileges since my little brother has gone back to university.  That’s right-he has been parking in my parents’ garage since he began driving.  I had to wait until I was 26.  But really, my parents have no favorites 😉 )  Cranking out cover letters and combing the Internet for any type of employment that sparks some sort of excitement, I have discovered, requires a nice snowy atmosphere to gaze out at during the daylight hours.  And winter in Wyoming is providing just that.

It is so cold somedays, that snowflakes instantly freeze and preserve themselves on the windows.  Between these crystals and the snow-covered mountains of last weekend’s road trip, I forgot how beautiful winter was to photograph.  (The mini-collage below is a product of my not having cell phone service for two hours, and needing entertainment of some sort.  I guess I should now reassure you that I wasn’t the one driving.)  So maybe it’s time to embrace the snow and subzero temperatures while they last.

Unfortunately, winter in Wyoming and all of this time indoors has also made me think that I need to be more domestic than simply ordering Chinese every night.  I should have repressed these little instincts, because I think that I have become a ‘danger to myself and others’.  The first domestic disturbance was a battle with a spatula…which left a nice little gash in my thumb.  That’s right-I cut myself…while washing a spatula (Thankfully it was a metal spatula.  Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if I cut myself on a plastic spatula?  That would just be mortifying.  I’m also now going to stay away from plastic spatulas just in case…).  A few weeks later, I decided to try and help my mother further by vacuuming; this resulted in setting the vacuum on fire after only 45 seconds.  I then decided to contribute to a gathering of friends watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies by baking cookies from scratch.  What should have been a quick and simple task resulted in 3 1/2 hours of effort, burning the first two batches, and hanging my head in shame as I passed around ‘cookie pieces’.  What are ‘cookie pieces’, you ask?  Well, they start as incredibly thin cookies, because you can’t figure out the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie recipe, and then break themselves into bits and pieces as soon as it’s time to pass them around.  Needless to say, I have not been successful with the more ‘girly’ household chores I’ve tried my hand at.

The more ‘masculine’ chores, however, I am conquering.  For instance, I just put together the office chair from which I am writing to you now.  That’s right, Staples-you give me mismatched parts, and I give to you comfortable furniture in ten minutes or less.  Quickly converting Celsius into Fahrenheit at the dinner table before my brother (who is an engineering student) and father (who is a math wiz) can provide the answer?  No problem.  Correctly estimating that a recliner won’t actually fit into the back of my mother’s SUV, and winning a $20 bet against my father who loads furniture into the back of people’s vehicles for a living?  Done.  Maybe I should just go back to ordering takeout and ignore the little voices in my head that are saying, ‘You know you want to make a pot roast for dinner!’  If I were to ever attempt a pot roast, I’m certain the entire house would find itself burnt to the ground…

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