Oh the weather outside is supposedtobefrightful

Greetings from Wyoming!  The wind is stronger than I remember, a snowstorm is looming in the near future, and I have fulfilled all American cuisine cravings.  So the weather, and the subsequent driving in such weather, are posing to be the biggest problems for the girl longing for London in the past week.  (I’ve been back for a WEEK already!  What?!)

Normally weather wouldn’t be an issue (Just kidding, I’m always moaning about being cold and windblown.  I’m just trying to seem more mature than I actually am.), but tomorrow is kind of an exciting day.  You see, not only will I get to return to my alma mater and see my favorite professor of all time, but he’s spoiling me rotten and has asked me to give a presentation on my dissertation research.  And what am I doing instead of putting the final touches on said presentation?  I’m procrastinating and writing this blog post, of course!  (Old habits reeeeeaaallly do die hard.)  So I am keeping my fingers crossed that Mother Nature is kind to me tomorrow and won’t actually force me into driving in the snowy conditions that are predicted for tomorrow, as I have managed to avoid such a task for the past 4 years.  Feel free to cross your fingers as well, because now that I have a fully functioning phone (I may or may not have broken my UK phone my last 3 weeks in London…), I might be calling you to beg you to come and pick me up from the side of the road.  Because driving in snow tends to make me want to sing ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’ as I hyperventilate…

The link below will take you to the most humbling PDF I have ever laid my eyes on.  Not only has my dear professor sent out multiple email blasts falsely advertising for me, but he has created this incredible flyer and included a photo of me from our 2009 adventures in Israel.  (I forgot that I once had short red hair!)  I am so touched that he not only wants to see me again, but that he has enough confidence that I won’t embarrass him in a room full of people.  So while you’re keeping your fingers crossed for road conditions, keep them crossed that I don’t let him down!

INFORMAL TALK on Holocaust Studies

Happy December, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Oh the weather outside is supposedtobefrightful

  1. I am worried not about the presentation tomorrow itself, but that we won’t have the audience that the Lollygagger deserves. Readers of this Blog know that in between the adventures chronicled here there was a lot of studying, writing, and successful completion of courses!

    And as for the photo–it was cropped from one of my favorites. Do you know where it was taken? My other choices for the photo was one with Jerusalem in the background–and one with the Lollygagger sticking out her tongue from a much more recent post. I hope some of the loyal readers of this blog might be in Wyoming and can join us tomorrow. Hope for reasonable weather!

    • Well even if there’s a small audience, at least we will have had some delicious Sweet Melissa’s beforehand!

      Was the photo after the trek through Hezekiah’s Tunnels? I remember being really impressed with myself that I didn’t fall into the flowing water during that tour. (The less mature ‘tongue sticking out’ photo might have generated more curiosity for tomorrow; people seeing that photo are probably amazed that I was able to get myself through grad school.) See you tomorrow!

  2. Break a leg Kobi! You’ll be your usual amazing, funny self (well, Holocaust studies doesn’t really lend itself to “funny” does it?) Wish I could be there!

    • Loumou you missed an Afternoon To Remember! The Lollygagger charmed the crowd (such as it was) and showed that in between lollygagging and gallivanting she learned a thing or three. Kobi–thanks for a wonderful presentation. Hope you had fun!

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