Ready that red carpet, America!

Bittersweet sweeping declaration: I’m coming back to the States for Thanksgiving, and it’s going to be bigger than the Oscars.  So if someone can get Ellen Degeneres to Denver, CO on November 25th that would be awesome…

I’ve done a lot of thinking these past couple of weeks (mainly because this allows me to procrastinate…which is kind of my thing), and Thanksgiving 2013 is something that I just can’t miss.  In addition to it being my favorite holiday (I’ve only missed it ONCE in my entire life…last year), Apollo Creed/Chalupa Batman/Albert Chung/It Forwood will be making his/her grand debut to the crazy Nealon holiday.  (AKA-my cousin Abbi is due in September, and we all have a lot at stake with the naming process…)  In addition to this, I’ve sat myself down and thought about what exactly I want for my future.  And then when I made myself realize that teleportation, lottery winnings, and my own personal vending machine weren’t feasible options (YET), I decided that it’s time to be picky.  I figure I can only be picky about one thing at a time, and so the ‘being-picky-about-jobs-and-rigid-about-London-as-the-location’ was too high-maintenance.  Which is devastating, but possibly a great step towards an incredible future.  And it lets me have this as my ‘theme song’:

So in an attempt to continue down the Holocaust studies path, I’ve realized there is more potential for jobs back in America than here in London.  In an effort to make myself excited about leaving my favorite place in a few months, these are the things on my ‘things I have to do within 1 hour of stepping onto American soil’ list: cradle my very own iPhone, and realize that this Samsung is forever out of my life (seriously…it’s like I’ve been living in the Stone Age); order 1 of everything on a Taco Bell menu; buy my own tub of Ranch dressing to accompany all my food intake for 24 hours; hear country music blasting from a bar, as people whirl about me in two-stepping time; laugh until my cheeks hurt because I am reunited with my entire family again; begin planning my next trip back to Europe.  That’s all feasible in an hour’s time, right?  That’s what I thought.  In the past, when I’ve returned to Wyoming for this, the most sacred of Nealon holidays, I have been greeted at the airport with both amazingness and…nope, actually now that I think about it, they’ve all been scarring incidents.  One year my family wore homemade warts on their faces while sporting glasses with fake noses and mustaches…while they scrambled to lay out a giant red blanket as my ‘red carpet’ in the middle of Cheyenne Airport’s only baggage claim…while the Governor of Wyoming looked on.  The next year, my favorite cousin-in-law preformed a strip-show  which ended with him running around the airport in only a wetsuit, while another family member impersonated a dwarf by walking around on his knees in the background.  Once again, in Cheyenne Airport’s only baggage claim.  Don’t believe me?

Abbi, sans homemade warts…

Notice the red carpet and crazy eyebrows?

That’s right. This happened.

So, yeah…my family is kind of amazing.  And now the pressure’s on for this year’s welcome-wagon.  (No pressure, guys…I will have just travelled almost 24 hours to get to you…sooo…)

Family shenanigans and existential crises aside, I am about a week and a half ahead of schedule with the dissertation writing process!  I have a working title (for the moment…I’ll probably change it 15 more times in the next three weeks), ‘The Realm Outside Operation T4: Jewish Utilizations of Mental Institutions Under Nazi Rule’.  So hopefully I continue down the path of productivity and will have even more to report in my next post.  AKA-the next time I feel like procrastination, I’ll be writing another post.  So I’ll probably see you guys in another couple of hours…


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