To Cambridge and beyond!

So it’s April 6th, and my massive essay has been polished and submitted!  PSYCH!!!  Alright, that was a really confusing way of starting this post.  So I will back up and explain.  Last post I was whining about the amount of work that I had to do in such a short amount of time.  Since then, the grad school gods have smiled down and taken pity on my pathetic, whining soul.  Last week holds a whirlwind of updates, so let’s see if I can capture the whirlwind’s essence in less than 3 paragraphs.  My graduate seminar (Introduction to Holocaust Studies) had been potentially planning a “class trip” to Lithuania; Monday of last week we were told that the funding actually hadn’t come through, but that a Plan B had been devised to try and still make the trip happen.  The next day my professor sent a glorious email that Plan B had worked out, and through the incredibly generous donations of 3 individuals we were now able to travel to Lithuania!  I just couldn’t believe it…three people, who none of us (save our professor) had even laid eyes on before just paid for our entire trip to visit one of the most depressing stages of the Holocaust.  The generosity of people is really quite astounding to me, and I really hope that they know how truly appreciated this gift is!  So I will be headed to Lithuania from the 21st to the 24th of April (don’t worry, I ordered more memory cards for my camera so you will, indeed, be overwhelmed with photos.  I’m sorry/you’re welcome).

Last Wednesday brought even more good news.  After returning to the library from the amazingness that is Pizza Wednesdays (my classmates and I are motivated by food.  I realized this is not shocking at all, considering I’m motivated by food in all aspects of life.  I have a candy bar waiting for me as a reward of finishing this post.  Just kidding, I’m actually eating it whilst I type.), my fabulous inbox had another treat for me: my two largest essays had been given an almost two month’s extension!  I almost fainted from excitement/confusion: not many things have actually gone right for the girls and I in this program, and for pieces of the puzzle to be actually coming together was a new experience.  I was so happy that, on my walk home, I started crying.  I KNOW-I cry a lot, but sometimes in life you’re so enveloped in the moment that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.  And lately I’ve been so overwhelmed with deadlines and workloads that I hadn’t been appreciating my program.  Just those two little bits of good fortune lifted the weight of the academic world off my shoulders, and allowed me to breathe without constantly feeling like I needed my inhaler.  Which is good, because I temporarily misplaced my inhaler, and now I don’t have to Google: “how to make a homemade inhaler.”  I don’t remember dazzling myself in high school with scientific genius, so this is a win on all fronts…

Ok, those are my updates on life.  Now for updates about “Obi Wan and Kobi” expeditions.  Yes…we still haven’t come up with another name.  Slash, I forgot that another name was needed, and am not feeling creative to come up with one on the fly.  Two weeks ago Jenn and I decided to brave the snowy conditions and headed to the gem that is Cambridge.  The snow fell all day, but it didn’t stop us from exploring the town and having a day full of laughs.  My friend MC met us for lunch, and then we dragged her around in the cold for hours upon hours.  Unless she is the next Meryl Streep, I don’t think she was too upset by this as we literally laughed until we had abs of steel; we also discovered how many things Jenn legitimately does not like.  Among these things are: milk, spilled milk, melted cheese, John Wayne and…I’m sorry Jenn but I have to list it-Dumbledore.  While I don’t agree with her, she does have legitimate reasons for not liking these things, and will have a well-rounded argument/debate/flat out telling you you’re wrong session if you’d like.  Well, I assume, because I haven’t actually asked her if random people could contact her to discuss her opinions.  In fact, I really think I need to just rename this blog; it’s pretty much just turning into amazing Jennicisms and I’m taking all of the credit.  Jenn, if I were making any money off of this, you would get all of it.  I pinky promise.  (oops, got off track…)  Besides wandering the town, we did take a peek inside King’s College Chapel.  It is the Radcliffe Camera of Oxford and Big Ben of London in that I could not stop taking photos of this exquisite building.  Even though the day was dreary and cold, the company was excellent and the town was delightfully charming.  In fact, I would be so bold to say that I like Cambridge more than Oxford.  It could be, though, that our tour guide was way cooler in Cambridge; she even gave our poor, limping selves a ride in her British-steering-wheel-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-car car to the train station.  (Um, thanks again for that; I’m pretty sure Jenn and I would have had to take turns giving each other piggyback rides.  I get enough weird looks as it is…)

Last Saturday we wandered to Greenwich because I had a jonesing to stand on the Prime Meridian.  On our way to the Royal Observatory, though, I kept seeing signs for an Ansel Adams exhibit.  Um, yes please!  He is one of my all-time favorite photographers, and the fact that there was an exhibit dedicated to his genius made the day even better.  It was one of the most nerdy excursions we’ve had, but it was also total bliss.  Until we were both exhausted and craving a nap.  Then we headed home.  So because pictures are better than words (and because this post is so long I’m sure most of you have given up and stopped reading.  Pink banana!  …just making sure you’re all still here…), here is a slideshow of the rambling aforementioned destinations.  Happy Saturday, everyone!

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One thought on “To Cambridge and beyond!

  1. You are just hilarious! It is such a blend of rambling outrageousness and flat out funny. And your photographic skills astound me. I am one proud mama.

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