Obi Wan and Kobi Day

Last week Jenn and I came to the realization that we were kind of taking London for granted; bad little Americans!  So we’ve instituted “Exploration Saturdays” to make sure that we go to a new part of town each week and not waste away in front of textbooks in our dorm rooms all weekend.  Well actually, an official title hasn’t been adopted yet.  Jenn thinks it needs to rhyme, so I threw out “K and J Day”, which was immediately laughed at and shot down.  THEN I came up with the best. name. ever: “Obi Wan and Kobi Day.”  Jenn was just not on board with this one either, although I don’t think she fully realizes the honor that rests behind the label “Obi Wan.”  Jenn is always the one I turn to for help with the Force, so it was a natural title.  I’ll convince her that this is an excellent choice if it’s the last thing I do…

We began this new tradition last Saturday with a trip to Tate Britain, where Jenn made me pinky-promise her in one of the galleries that we’d do this every Saturday (I of course giggled and got excited.  I mean, when do you actually get to make pinky-promises anymore??).  After we meandered through the museum for a couple of hours, we braced the freezing cold day and walked along the river towards my favorite place in the world-South Bank.  I should probably post the 34 pictures I took of my boyfriend, but I’m pretty special and didn’t actually have a memory card in my camera (Just be impressed that I was able to put my pants on correctly.  Also, this is where everyone freaks out and gets excited that I’ve stared my fear of commitment in the face and steered my course away from spinsterhood; sorry peeps-the BF is Big Ben.  He’s the only man I’ll ever come back to 😉 ).  Then I introduced Jenn to Wahaca for some chips, guacamole, and enchiladas.  Friends across the pond: never take your endless chips and salsa for granted.  Someday they might get taken away from you, and you won’t know how to function.  Consider this the next bit of advice in my take on Rick Steves… if Rick Steves was a life coach.

Hold on…we need to talk for 5 seconds about the mental health breakthrough I just had.  Legitimately, as I was writing, “blah blah blah, Rick Steves as a life coach” I looked down at my bulging left bicep and saw a spider crawling around.  Without hesitation I swatted that thing like it was only a pesky mosquito.  Woa.  Just.  Woa.  For those of you who don’t know (which is probably like…2 of you…) I have really bad arachnophobia.  Like I used to make my grandma with Lou Gherig’s disease squash them with her cane, and then she’d roll her eyes as I ran around screaming that “they were on me” and then I’d scratch my skin to the point of clawing it off.  And I just calmly killed that thing, and didn’t even shriek.  Or run across the hall to a stranger’s room to have him/her kill it for me (I don’t know who my neighbors are…they could be spider lovers.  Or serial killers.  But the nice kind that may potentially kill a spider on my muscular arms.)  Ok, I really needed that pat on the back.  Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

This week’s “Obi Wan and Kobi Day” (this is the name that I will continue to use until Jenn tells me to cease and desist.  Which should be appearing in the “Comments” section aaaaany moment now.) was a trip to Borough Market and roaming both sides of the River.  I was much more intelligent this time and put a memory card in the ol’ camera.  Below are a couple of photos from this week’s escapades.  I am now regretting that I didn’t take a photo of the barge that was docked on the north bank of the river, as this was an incredibly useful teaching tool:

Jenn: “That’s weird-I wonder how they got that barge docked to the side like that.  I bet they had to flood the river.”
Me: “What do you mean ‘flood the river’?”
Jenn: “You know, like raise the flood gates to let in more water so they can get the barge all the way to the side like that.”
Me: “Dude…they just have to wait for the tide to come back in, and tie it up.”
Jenn: “Oooooh.  I thought the tide was only for the sea.”
Me: “I’m selfishly stealing this for the Internet.”

The Force is strong with this one.  (She really is super smart.  I think she fakes these blond moments to make me feel like I’m not as stupid as I actually am.  So really, if you think about it, these “Jennicisms” are more intelligent than anything I could ever come up with…)

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Happy Sunday everybody!


4 thoughts on “Obi Wan and Kobi Day

  1. I would probably be more on board with ‘Obi Wan and Kobi Day’ if, you know, I actually liked Star Wars. But since I can’t come up with a clever and witty name for our awesome adventures at the moment, I’ll let you use it. For now. 🙂

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