Not even if hell freezes over…

As I sit cuddled up to my radiator on this cold London night with a textbook, I decided to take a Facebook break.  And holy hell-I am reminded, again, why I’m glad I no longer brave the Wyoming winters.  Being cold makes me grumpy, but seeing everyone discuss the subzero temperatures makes me want to run outside and kiss the 34 degree pavement.  People here often ask if I plan on moving back to Wyoming once school is over, and it’s things like the photo below that prompt the answer, “Not even if hell freezes over.”  Ok…that is a bit of an exaggeration as to how I typically reply.  But trying to think back on the days where letting your car “warm up” for 45 minutes isn’t enough to defrost the windshield, the cutting 25+ mile-per-hour winds on top of air cold enough to freeze your nose hairs, or wishing that your stylish jeans could fit one more pair of long-underwear underneath makes me remember that while I love the state where I was raised, I don’t love it enough to ever endure weather like that again.  Unless I went on Valium…and was always armed with a thermos containing hot cocoa and peppermint Schnapps…and was rich enough to have someone drive me around the sheets of ice that most people call streets.  But that’s a lot to ask for, so I’ll just stick to living in warmer climates 😉

A quick glimpse at the heatwave moving through Laramie…

Since it is “so cold” here, I really don’t have anything new and exciting to report on, sports fans.  I’ve quarantined myself to my magical dorm room with loads of books and color-coded outlines, breaking only for pastries and episodes of “The Big Bang Theory.”  (yes…I am just now discovering the epicness that is Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  Better late than never?  And the room is magical because it’s absolutely silent…I can do homework/nap in silence whenever I choose.  Which isn’t much, but hot damn is it amazing!)  This past week saw the beginning of my second term and a new class.  In addition to all the classes of last term, I am venturing outside my department for a class on film in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich.  It’s in the German department, but as I stood waiting in the hallway for the classroom to become available I realized: everyone waiting with me was speaking French.  It’s quite typical of me with a new class to feel terrified that I’m in the wrong place and that the professor will begin her lecture with, “Hello students, and welcome to Quantum Physics.”  And then I’ll know-I am definitely in the wrong spot.  But thankfully, a lovely woman (claiming to be my professor) walked up and asked if everyone was waiting for the class on Weimar Film.  Problem solved, and no quantum physics for this little lady!  In addition to lecture, there is also a “film viewing” component where we all get together on Friday evenings to watch the week’s movie.  So before the first viewing, I decided to treat myself to a coffee because I’ve been depriving myself of coffee products as of late.  Armed with a delicious and piping-hot mocha, I once again found myself waiting outside a classroom worrying that I was in the wrong spot.  I was so busy worrying over this that I didn’t notice the classroom emptying out and a boy walking right into me, spilling my mocha all. down. my. front.  I should have taken this as “Hi…you should probably not be bringing beverages to class.” but no…I didn’t.  But I did about 30 minutes later, when I took a swig, swallowed wrong, and started choking on said coffee.  While the film was playing.  Niiiiiiice.  After the movie ended, and we all decided that we’d accidentally taken acid before we watched the movie on ghosts/carnivals/some-mentally-unstable-person’s fantasy, I decided to quietly exit and make my way home to clean myself up.  Except I got lost in the building, somehow found myself in the basement, and turned around to see one of my male classmates trying to decide whether to help the girl talking to herself or pretend to be deaf.  He chose the former option, and pointed me towards the door with the large “EXIT” above it.  Needless to say-I am still rocking amazing first impressions.

I hope that you all are avoiding the outdoors, driving, and dropping acid this fine evening.  Even ya’ll in Dallas-I went to taunt the masses in Wyoming with your warm weather, only to discover that you are having a bit of a cold front too?  Weren’t you all just out drinking on patios in short-sleeved shirts??  Mother Nature must not be taking her mood stabilizers.  (Is it just me, or have I referenced drugs more than the average amount in this post?  Maybe the “I’m drunk” jokes aren’t that funny anymore, and I’m trying to start a new trend.  It’s going to catch on any day now…)

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 5.44.09 PM

I could be wrong, but wasn’t it just in the 70’s in the Big D??


2 thoughts on “Not even if hell freezes over…

  1. Yes, it was JUST 70. It’s days like today (high of 45 and a low of 25-holy cow!) that I complain about not moving south enough. P.S. Sheldon is AMAZING. I want to BE him!

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