And here’s to you, Mrs. Nealon

This is my least favorite week of the year.  Because of this, I have a hard time remembering the ups and downs of the past year while plotting the list of things that I will do differently in the next 365 days.  So while everyone else is toasting to the next great year, I’m trying to remember the amazing times I had with my Alma Jeanne.  Unfortunately, this week reminds me of the last time I saw her 7 years ago, and then I get depressed at how quickly these 7 years have flown past without her.  I think that each new January 2nd will be less sad than the one before, but it never is.  And then I remember that if my kickass gran was still around, she would grab me by the ear, tell me to stop being a wimp, and remember the blessings.  And because I always hated getting called a wimp by the strongest person I ever knew, I better get it together.  And she would want me to remember that her birthday is only 3 days away, and no one should be sad on a birthday.  I’m pretty sure that’s a rule somewhere…that’s why we always eat cake.

I am not the kind of person who does New Years’ Resolutions (mainly because I’m too flaky, and they are too much work.  Man-it’s a good thing I didn’t decide to keep with the psychology stuff.  Worst shrink, everrrrr.), but I do try to come up with something to do/change that I think my Grandma would give her stamp of approval.  What sets this apart from a resolution is that it can go into effect whenever I think of it.  And I don’t really tell anyone what it is.  So I could lie to you and tell you that I came up with something prolific, when really I just go, “Hahaha, my minions think I’ve come up with a great idea!!  Suckers!”  And then I remember that I don’t actually have minions, and the only people that read this are my mother and my 2 aunts.  (Hi Mom, Weeze and Judy!)

Anyways, the whole entire point of this post is this: yes, we all had ups and downs last year.  Some had worse luck than others, but I think a resolution should be to have the Alma Jeanne Grace when dealing with the curveballs you get when expecting a fastball, and bad luck instead of good.  I know I definitely could have had better reactions to pretty much everything (both good and bad) I experienced in the past, and if I could have half the Mrs. Nealon awesomeness I would be doin’ pretty good.  I hope that while everyone is looking forward to the next year, you all stop and realize that family time should be a big part of that year.  Because they’re the only ones who can grab you by the ear and tell you to stop being a wimp, and live to tell about it.  I know that I live farther away from my family than I ever have before, but this past year has brought us closer together than we’ve ever been.  And most of that is due to the little bit of Alma Jeanne we all have in us.  So here’s to you, Mrs. Nealon; you live on in weird traditions, love of baked goods, and amazing human beings whose lives you impacted.

Happy New Years’ everyone…and a happy early birthday to my Grams!

The prettiest lil' thing I that I ever did see

(and for all of those that I forgot-WHITE RABBIT!!)


11 thoughts on “And here’s to you, Mrs. Nealon

  1. Tears, smiles and a huge hole in my heart. I miss Mom so much, and her mom, and now my Dad. Hard to believe it has been seven years since she left us. I am missing you and thank you for this memorial page. Love you, doll!

  2. 1) I read your blog. 2) I am not a minion, so you take that back 3) I missed having you as my New Years Eve kiss this year (creepy – I know).

    • 1) You are too good to me! 2) I had to “approve” your comment, so that kind of makes you my minion (although I’m not sure why…I’m a little rusty on the minion/master rules.) 3) Creepy, yes, but that’s sadly not the creepiest thing you’ve ever said to me…

    • OK, I thought the joke was obviously implied that more than 2 people read my blog. I was trying to be modest. I apologize, oh mighty WordPress God-you are minion numero uno!

      A GIANT thank you to my minions…I know you’re out there, and I love you all equally. I will never try to be modest again, smiley face

  3. I am more than willing to take on the grabbing you by the ear and calling you a wimp part (only when needed of course). 😉

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