Check it off the Bucket List!

Merry Christmas everyone!  No, Christmas has not been moved, but since this is my last post before I leave for Paris, I wanted to be able to tell you “in person.”  Also, I wanted to say it now, because I still have not mailed my Christmas cards.  So, I did not forget about you, family members…life has just been more insane than normal, and I kind of forgot.  BUT you will get them sometime before next Christmas…probably…

Ever since I watched Macaulay Culkin slap aftershave on his tiny little cheeks while staving off the Wet Bandits, I’ve always wanted to spend Christmas in Paris.  This has never been a feasible option, but once I knew that I was headed to school in London I knew that’s where I was spending Christmas 2012.  Because my parents are the selfless, family oriented, amazing people that they are they are staying in Wyoming to make sure that my grandparents are looked after and that they all have a merry Christmas together.  But I decided that living in Europe could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that I was still going to do Paris at Christmas, even if it was by myself.  Thank GOD my heterosexual life partner Mary B. decided to get in on this action, because Paris in Christmas by yourself sounds hella depressing.  And then our good friends the Joneseses decided to join in, and so I will be realizing my Christmas dream with excellent friends this year!

I leave first thing in the morning, and have been so busy that I haven’t even packed yet.  The reason why I haven’t packed yet?  Haven’t done my laundry yet.  Well, it is finally NOW in the washer, but I still have nothing other than sopping wet clothes to put in a suitcase.  So, shit’s gettin’ done…finally.  (I really need to get over this aversion of washing clothes and waiting until the very last possible second…)

Here’s my latest update from this week: when KA Kathy and her German sidekicks were here, we jumped onto the London Eye to avoid the craziness that was the windstorm shrouded in buckets of water.  In 2008, I boarded the Eye with great friends and a crocheted hat to hide my unshowered hair to gaze at my favorite city on a beautiful day.  In 2012, the hat make an encore appearance to see the beautifully lit up city after dark.  During my days of undergrad, my cousin Abbi and I used to take homework breaks that involved crocheting amazing things, and it was then that she made me my favorite hat.  And when I say “amazing things”, I mean Abbi made amazing things and I made scarves that were so bad that they couldn’t be worn out in public.  Anyways, I brought a little bit of Wyoming with me on both trips to the sky.  After the rain died down and we unloaded the giant ferris wheel, we went out and found a pretty decent Mexican restaurant and had ourselves a jolly ol’ time.  So, if you’re ever in London and neeeeeeed a fix, the Wahaca chain is quite delightful…Americans everywhere are sighing in relief.  After we ate ourselves silly, we made our way to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  Which is gorgeous, but unfortunately we got there right as it was about to close.  So we grabbed mulled wine and walked around until they started shutting the lights off on us.  It was a great way to end a great day, and I’m so glad that I was able to hang out with this great group of people for several days.  As Tony the Tiger would say, they’re grrrrrrreat!  (I am in desperate need of a new adjective…that would be great.)

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Here are some snapshots of my favorite place on Earth from above, Winter Wonderland Hyde Park style, and the world’s CREEPIEST Santa Claus.  I hope you all are able to gather around loved ones, have a hot meal, and create new memories this Christmas.  While this is the first Christmas that I haven’t spent with family, I am excited that I’m getting to cross things off the Bucket List that I have been secretly making.  And thank GOD I don’t have a child, or else this would probably be a recreation of Home Alone.  Home Alone: Lost in a Dorm Room?

P.S. I apparently need to be better at coming up with titles, because this is a conversation that my little brother and I had last night:


One thought on “Check it off the Bucket List!

  1. Merry Christmas, or in the words of Michale Buble, Feliz Navidad!

    Missing you tons, and wishing we could have 8 days of Christmas…movies skype-date style, but since i cannot hog you all to myself… enjoy Parie 😉 <– that is meant to sound like "Perry"… bad attempt. but anyways. MERRY CHRISTMAS Kobes!

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