Nude tights, huge muscles, and a live Nutcracker

It’s been a week, people…it has beeeeen a week.  I write to you now from within the belly of the beast…the beast actually being a thing of beauty-my new digs!  It only took 3 trips and some begging pleading groveling Jenn kindly offering to help me haul my belongings down the street before I was all moved in by 10:30 AM (this is ridiculously productive for me…normally I’m just getting to campus by 10:30).  Then, in another twist of an alternate universe, I was completely unpacked by 2:30, room decorated and all!  I probably should have collapsed into a mini coma then, but I decided to jump in the shower instead.  You see…I had realized earlier that day that Kathy would be arriving in several hours, and I didn’t have a pillow for her to lay her kickass little head on.  So I needed to run some errands…

While in the shower (which has vast amounts of hot water, craaaaazy amounts of glorious! water pressure, and it’s all mine.  all gloriously mine! (I envision you reading this in a creepy Dracula voice…but that’s just my suggestion)) I decided that I should probably lift the ban on shaving my legs that I’ve had in the recent past.  And by “ban” I mean-my last bathroom was way too cold, and I was shaving goosebumps.  So in my state of near exhaustion, I shaved my “legs” (the quotation marks will become evident in a mere moment), washed my hair with face wash, and threw on the sleep dress that I always wear when I’m putting on makeup.  It was then that I heard the knock on the door, followed by, “Maintenance!”  In my last room, I had a member of staff in my room almost everyday-whether it was taking out my trash or fixing the 239 things wrong in my room, I never felt like I could walk around in that little dress.  So, I was so excited to be able to wear it without any inhibitions while I try to make myself presentable; here no one intrudes at 9:30, everything works properly, and I feel like an adult again.  When I let the two incredibly nice gentlemen into my room to put “The Club” on a closet (if you pay £10 more a week, they’ll take the twin bed out of your room, and bring out the double bed hidden in the closet…if not, they slap on the eyesore shown below for you to stare at.  Because that makes sense…), I realized…I’d only shaved one of my legs…and now it looks like I’m half man, half woman.  Awesome.  So I hid behind a chair, thanked them profusely, and dashed out the door to run my errands.

This is what I now get to stare at...I tried to explain to them how binding a pinky-promise was, but they thought that padlock beats p-promise.

This is what I now get to stare at…I tried to explain to them how binding a pinky-promise was, but they thought that padlock beats p-promise.

I picked KA Kathy up on Thursday, and took her to her first English pub before we collapsed in exhaustion for the night.  Well, by “English” pub, I mean O’Neill’s.  Ha.  We woke up bright and early on Friday morning, and tracked down the other members of the Americans-living-in-Germany-who-came-to-see-London crew for breakfast and some sightseeing.  I somehow managed to get us from Green Park to Trafalgar Square without getting lost (which isn’t a remarkably large feat, but for me that was hard work!), and we met up with the last member of the Americans-living-abroad-but-visiting-London group to explore the National Gallery.  After realizing that there are far more breasts and demonic cupids on display than we had realized, we decided to make our way to Leicester Square for another pub.  KA Kathy finally got her fish and chips and a pint o’ beer in an English pub, we had lots of laughs, and the entire upstairs and VIP service to ourselves.  After we said goodbye to our amazing waiter, we headed to Covent Garden where the Christmas spectaculars were amazing: a giant rudolf (which unfortunately came out blurry in pictures), a Christmas tree made out of Jack Daniel barrels, and amazing performers of the opera and violin variety.

The evening’s activities were ones for the books.  I remember when I was quite young, my mom took me to the Nutcracker Ballet.  It was incredible, beautiful, and I loved every minute of it.  So when Kathy made the suggestion to include this in our plans, I quickly said yes to getting tickets.  So we made our way to the Royal Opera House, and watched the magic unfold.  The dancing was incredible, the set was amazing (I thought about the last time I was in London, when Steven and Matt made me appreciate the set designs just as much as the show itself), and I was enchanted the entire evening.  Sitting next to me was an older gentleman, his wife, son, daughter-in-law and his 3 year old granddaughter.  This tiny child was so taken with the show, that she was absolutely silent; mimicking the dancers that she’ll grow up wanting to be made me appreciate the show even more.  In the second half, she sat on her grandma’s lap and reached over and grabbed her grandfather’s hand.  She sat that way for quite some time, and it was so touching that it made me cry.  It makes me cry now as I write this; grandparents are such amazing people in our lives, and the love that you see between grandparent and child is unlike anything else in this world.  I don’t know why, but seeing this family made the show even better for me…

Kathy has deserted me for a bus tour of London today (ok…she didn’t desert me.  She’s kickass, remember??  I politely declined the invitation, and will hopefully spend the day doing some homework.  You know…after I finish writing this enormous post…), and we will meet back up this evening for a curry and WICKED.  Can you believe that I have lived in London for 3 months now, and haven’t seen a single show?!?!  Last time I was in London, I was here for 3 months and saw probably around 10 shows.  I need to get my act together!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above we have: one of the reasons why Kathy is kickass (she brought me tons of amazing goodies!), some of the Christmas decorations of Covent Garden, and a second showing of “The Club”…mainly because I have no idea how to get rid of it.  I was just impressed that I figured out how to insert a picture AND a slideshow…tiny victories, people.  I apologize for Rudolf being blurry…my tiny camera isn’t so reliable these days.  But, it’s better than no picture of a giant Rudolf?

I will finish this post with an apology…I still haven’t gotten my cards in the mail yet.  Let’s look at this as me spreading out the Christmas cheer?


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