Haul out the holly!

It’s that magical time of year…when normal people have sent off their Christmas cards off ages ago, they completely remember exciting events like The Nutcracker Ballet at the Royal Opera House and Wicked on the weekend’s activities, they have all of their Christmas shopping finished (or started…that would also work here), and they don’t schedule to move mere hours before their first official guest arrives.  I think the only area of Christmas I’ve actually been up on this year has been Christmas media-I dusted off the “Holly Jolly” playlist and Christmas movies last month…

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to not have to listen to me babbling on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about my living situation (wait…I don’t have any friends who have just recently come out of a coma…so therefore, this paragraph really doesn’t apply to any of you.  Feel free to skip this…), I have packed up my tiny little dorm room, and am moving in the morning to a slightly “less” tiny dorm room!!  I am really having problems doing anything productive in my room, and so instead of a massacre in Canterbury Hall, I’m doing everyone a favor and taking my anger problems down the street.  They are SO excited to have me.  (it’s a good thing you don’t have to undertake tests to assess your mental health before they give you the keys…or else I would totally be homeless.  And it’s really fracking cold out now, so then my anger problems would get even WORSE because the cold makes me super grumpy.  This move lets everyone win!!).  It’s another hall just down the street, with a postgrad side only (my adorable doorman also just informed me that it has its own pub…winning!).  AND I get my own bathroom, so I will legitimately never figure out what my bathmate does during her 5 trips “in 30 minutes or less.”  I guess that’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make…

I finished my classes for the term on Tuesday, and (if you have looked at my “Hostess with the Mostess” section, you’ll remember that Kickass Kathy gets here tomorrow.  But, as pretty much no one reads this, Kickass Kathy is coming tomorrow!) while I was trying to find a balance between Christmassy activities and reading for next term, I decided to move this week as well.  You know…in the vast amounts of spare time I have.  SO, I have .5 things left to pack, have created a maze (if I remember to not pack my camera until the very end, I will take a picture…since I actually never got around to doing that to begin with) of suitcases that I have already injured myself on twice, and actually managed to get 5 1/2 hours in at the library before attending my first Hannukah party…where I actually showed restraint, only ate one jelly donut, and didn’t even have a glass of wine!  I did have to open the bottle, as no one in the near vicinity was well versed in corkscrew.  And as that was the first kitchen utensil I learned how to use, I was glad to lend my expertise.  (this makes my parents sound like alcoholics…they don’t even drink wine, really.  Most of the time, the bottles are just stored in my room back home so I have easy access to them when I visit.  Now it sounds like I’M an alcoholic…fair enough…)

As the evening winds down and the suitcases pile up, I am quite honestly appalled at the amount of possessions I have stockpiled in the past three months.  When I moved in, I had two suitcases.  Now?  I have three rolling suitcases, all my bedding, my bag of laundry, a duffle bag, and a box of books.  I don’t even have anything cool to show for these random purchases!  I will definitely be working off my jelly donut in the morning when I have to take at least 4 trips back and forth between my places of residence…maybe I should start stretching now.  OR, as I apparently talk about alcohol 24/7, maybe I should start drinking now.  OR turn stretching into a drinking game.  OR make a pub crawl out of my 4 trips tomorrow.  OR just stop coming up with hypotheticals and go finish packing…


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