Kids say the darndest thing (please don’t sue me, Bill Cosby)

After coming home from a random evening out, I was delighted to see “Team Fricke” calling me on Skype.  It was my favorite 7 year old ever, and Mason was just as adorable as I remember him being.  I got to chat with Cutler last week, and it is just absolutely shocking to me to see how big they’ve gotten in the past 5 months!  Cutler was still his wiggly self, loving seeing himself on camera.  But when I asked him who the most silly boy I knew was, he promptly responded with the witty, “Mason.  Mason’s the silliest boy.”  Can’t get anything past that kid…

And after Mason told me he wanted an iPad for Christmas, I asked him if he would be my computer tech.  His response??  “I don’t have any hobbies…”  Seriously, these kids are so smart it’s not even funny.  Except it’s totally funny, and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.  Although when he was reminded that being my computer tech meant free trips to London, he seemed to be coming around to the idea.  Time will tell…

Yes, I will be skipping over the reasoning for the “random evening out.”  See how I could have just let that one go without anyone questioning it?  But then I awkwardly brought it back into the mix?  Smooth is not my middle name…and I’m still not explaining…

The point of this posting is to actually repost another posting.  (some would call this “phoning it in”, but I’ve already written 3 “paragraphs”.  So clearly I’ve put some effort into this thing…)  My amazing family in Texas just had an incredible mile marker pass, and I have been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to pay tribute.  Well, other than “liking” a photo on Facebook. (now THAT’S phoning it in).  Cutler just celebrated his 3rd anniversary of his bone marrow transplant!!  Modern medicine is one of the things I am most thankful for, but I know that my thanks pales in comparison to the Fricke Four.  They are constantly doing all that they can to give back to the amazing organizations that help others with blood cancers so that one day, no one will ever have to go through the tumultuous times they’ve gone through.  They are inspiring, generous, hilarious, and have put up with me for years.  Which says a LOT about them.

Aaron’s posts always make you realize how good your life actually is, and how you should take nothing for granted.  This last one giving thanks for years of good health for the “non-silly” Cutler is another great reminder to be grateful for everything and everyone you have in your lives.  I’m grateful both for the technology that saved Cutler’s life, and for the technology that lets me see him spit from thousands of miles away.


2 thoughts on “Kids say the darndest thing (please don’t sue me, Bill Cosby)

  1. We might need to add a chapter to the book of how to handle multiples about how to tell someone allll about your “random” evening out without actually telling them anything at all about it 🙂

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