The Thanksgiving Day Grinch

It’s that time of year to give thanks for your blessings while wearing pants with elastic waists!  But before most people test the tensile strength of their elastic waistbands, they relay the things that they are thankful for in their lives.  Some choose to pick one thing a day leading up to Thanksgiving Thursday, some go around the Thanksgiving Day table one family member at a time, and others choose to give to those who have less to be thankful for.  I’m doing none of those things, and am going to Scotland.  So, I’m thankful for Scotland…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  While there isn’t much that can beat the Christmas spirit and the cozy sensation that blankets the Christmas holiday with festive drinks, lights and music, my family at Thanksgiving is one certified thing that absolutely blows it out of the water.  We drink, we eat, we play Spoons and bite tweens when they beat us to the final piece of silverware, and we avoid Black Friday.  What do we do instead of waiting in horrendous lines, beat people away from good deals, and get up before dawn to go shopping?  We grab the shotguns and go kill birds.

This is the first year of my entire existence that I will miss out on my favorite holiday, and to console myself I’m heading north for the weekend.  Sure, I will be bringing “light” homework for the train rides and down times (AKA, I have to read an entire textbook during the weekend…so I suppose those quotation marks surrounding “light” are purely sarcastic.  Sarcastic quotations=amazing.  I’ve just decided), but I’ll be drowning my sorrows with an adorable B & B and looking at castles and shit.  I think it’s the perfect remedy…

This holiday will be harder on my family than in years past, and I hope they are able to cope with the huge absence that will be felt by the lack of my jokes, sparkling personality, and ability to create amazing chocolate pies (since my Grandma passed away in 2006, the responsibility of the chocolate pies unfortunately fell on myself and my cousin…until a couple of years ago.  We were completely unable to create a single chocolate pie that wasn’t an embarrassment, and so we resigned from the task.  BUT, if I would have been there this year, I know the pies would have been award-worthy…I just know it!!).  But apart from my not being able to attend, this year we are without our wonderful patriarch.  And while this means that there will be loads more gravy for everyone else, it will be nice to know that we will have two Thanksgiving Day angels smiling down on the dysfunctional chaos that will be taking place tomorrow.  This year different absences will be felt for different reasons, but the important thing to remember is that all will be together in spirit.  Except for me, because I’ll be in Scotland.

Ok, fine…I’ll stop pouting for 5 seconds, and do a quick “giving of thanks”: I am thankful for my family, I am thankful that my parents are the incredibly generous and selfless people that they are, I am thankful for the modern medicine that has allowed two of my incredible loved ones to stare cancer in the face and win, I am thankful for the amazing opportunities that have taken me to incredible places, I am thankful for the people that I have met along this crazy life path that I have walked down, I am thankful for Skype dates, and I am thankful to be able to run away for the weekend and repress my feelings of depression.  So eat lots of turkey and stuffing for me, create amazing chocolate pies, and crack at least one bad joke in my honor.

Here are some photos of Thanksgivings past.  We have: Abbi and a liquid chocolate pie; my welcoming committee at the Cheyenne Airport 2 years ago (red carpet and all); an attempt at a family photo; my uncle trying to make out with a dead pheasant; Abbi showing her shooting stance (ok…she’s normally a good shot, but about 10 minutes before this photo, she literally took a shot from her hip…in my general direction); Abbi trying to dismantle the homemade bomb that was our first attempt at chocolate pies; what Spoons turns into after Aunt Anna wins and is happy (no photos have captured the aforementioned biting that happens when she loses…); and my adorable Papa taking a quick nap after impressive turkey eating.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


2 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Day Grinch

  1. Have a great trip to Scotland. We are thankful to have you help get Cutler back to health and become a major part of our family. It was nice to have a younger sister again in the same house.

    • I’m thankful for the life and times of my Fricke Four! I’m also thankful for the copious amounts of Oreos that I ate while we lived together, the random movies/commentary, using butter knives for all meals, and for my amazing Texas family 🙂

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