Better than watching reality TV

I am the first to admit it-I don’t understand technology.  While I love and am addicted to Facebook, most of the technological advances of our generation really fly over my head, and I find myself nodding along/waiting to run home to ask my tech gurus to explain the conversation I just faked.  If I’ve faked a tech savvy conversation with you, I’m sorry.  But now you know next time to either A) explain it like you would to a 3 year old (because I have a feeling a 5 year old would know exactly what you were talking about), or B) just skip it altogether.  Maybe for my sake, go with option A, because I have a feeling that my chisel and stone tablet will never be seeing the light of day again…

The first time I was in London I had no Internet access at the home I was staying in, so when I wanted to phone home, I used a phone (gaaaaaaasp!).  This time around, I am blown away.  Between Skype, Gchat/video chat, iChat, and FaceTime (I’m SURE I’m missing at least 5 other devices, but it’s pretty obvious that I just spent 5 minutes trying to compile that list…I’m tapped out, people), I can stalk pretty much anyone I would like through several different methods from my computer. (Unless you are a celebrity and are thinking about pressing charges…then remember that I have no idea how to work a computer, and wasn’t trying to figure out whether or not you’d be in Leicster Square this weekend…)

The easiest way to get ahold of my parents nowadays is calling my mother’s precious iPhone via FaceTime…which gets extremely interesting (I’m also not jealous of her iPhone at all.  Nope, not this girl).  When my mom first got a cell phone, she refused to talk on it during the 6 block drive to wherever she was going; her compromise was putting you on speaker phone, and placing the phone in the passenger seat and yell so you could actually hear her.  Now?  If I call on FaceTime, she puts “me” up by the speedometer so that she can see me while we talk.  Because THAT’S safer than holding a phone to your ear.  It’s also really disorienting to watch your mother drive head on: steering wheels are spinning, blinkers are making their “click-click-click” noise to tell you that she’s about to make a turn…it’s weird.

Today’s phone call was even more entertaining than roadtrippin’ with the moms.  My dad answered (this is the man who couldn’t figure out how that you could construct a paragraph and send it as a text message…he once sent me a conversation one. word. at. a. time), and I found myself wanting a bowl of buttery popcorn to go with the show taking place on my screen.  He has a hard time figuring out that the key to video-chatting is holding the phone up in front of you, so that the other person can see you…so, I can unfortunately tell you all about my father’s nose hair.  He apparently got tired of my making fun of him, as he decided to place the iPhone up to his ear (like a normal phone) and remix the Verizon slogan to, “Can you ‘ear’ me now?”  If that doesn’t display my father’s wit, then I don’t know what does.  He then discovered that when you rotate the phone, the display rotates too.  So I apologize for any typos, as I’m still a little seasick from being spun around and around.  The next time you think about watching Jersey Shore, spare yourself, and just dial the Penlands instead 😉

So, apparently I am my father’s daughter.  It’s amazing to think that in 4 short years, modes of communication have changed drastically and it makes me curious/scared to see what will be available in another 4 years!  I might have to hire an assistant before then…seriously, I can barely survive now.  If I was better at knowing how, I would have taken a screenshot of my dad’s nose hairs.  Are you impressed that I actually figured out how to create this post?  You shouldn’t be…I had to Google it.  BUT, I was able to navigate to Google all by my little self!

(My mother says I have a tendency to exaggerate…I really have no idea why she says this.)


2 thoughts on “Better than watching reality TV

  1. Love this ” It’s also really disorienting to watch your mother drive head on: steering wheels are spinning, blinkers are making their “click-click-click” noise to tell you that she’s about to make a turn…”

  2. I had a conversation with my dad’s nose hairs last night and thought of you! He was using facetime for the first time and kept putting the phone flat on the counter and just kept talking. It was a riot!

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