It is about damn time!

One month, 3 trans-Atlantic flights, and countless frustrations later and: I have finally gone to alllll of my classes!!  Today I finally went to my graduate seminar and people…I should have been intimidated by the reading list, the fact that I am one of only four students, or the fact that we have to read at least one textbook a week.  But instead, I could hardly contain my excitement (seriously, I was a bit squirmy in my chair and wanted to lay out all of my highlighters, books, and notebooks to get this learnin’ party started).  Even though the day began with me flashing “the guns” to two of my classmates (they totally want me as their BFFs…I could feel it in the contained eye roll), I think it can still be chalked up as a success.  Also, my classmates are crazy cool.  Seriously, I want to start stalking them; they are that cool.  (they also might want to chip in on the whole “muzzle as a Christmas present.”)

So now that I have officially started school, I suppose now is the time where I drop old habits and stay caught up on my reading.  Since this program is one of the highlights of my life, I really do want to do it justice.  So now that I’ve taken my lunch break, I will stop fiddling around with this post, turn off The Princess Bride, and dive into my textbooks.  You don’t think I can do it??  Inconceivable!!!


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