Oh for the love of God…

I realize that I have been posting quite a lot, so I will keep this one short and sweet (for those of you that are familiar with my tendency to ramble, insert your eye roll here).  I made it back to my foggy city safe and sound on Saturday afternoon, and could not help but have a giant smile on my face the entire walk down the street from the Tube to my hall.  And of course, what better way of coming back to the UK than to eat fish and chips at a cozy pub with the one and only person that I know here??  I may be in trouble here folks…you can barely turn around in a complete circle without seeing an adorable pub or tavern in any given direction.  How does one choose/not try out every single one?!  I will either develop a problem with alcohol, or weigh 347 pounds from always eating fish and chips by the end of my stay here.

I suppose now should be the time where I talk about the thing that actually brought me over…school.  (learning, right??)  Before I left for the funeral, my Personal Tutor was a rockstar and told me not to worry about anything school related, so I of course jumped on a plane without a second thought.  (And no, I don’t need a tutor…he is the British version of an advisor.  You can stop gossiping about my learning disorder now).  Now here’s the tricky part, folks…my department is closed Monday and Tuesday of both this week AND next for Jewish holidays.  And so…I can’t be signed up for any classes until the 3rd or 4th…but the 1st was the first day of classes.  Can you see my quandary?  I have registered for 4 classes online, and have crossed my fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes that they work out.  And if they do…I won’t have class until the 15th, as my classes land on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Soooo…I am forced to sleep in, eat junk food, watch horrible British TV (my latest addiction is “The Secret Diary of a Call Girl”…why, you ask?  Absolutely no idea, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and Netflix automatically plays the next episode without being prompted), and walk the winding, curving roads of London while blasting the Les Miserables soundtrack from my iPod.

What if those chosen classes don’t work out, you ask?  Well, A) you’re a jerk for bringing that up, and B)…I start crying and hope that someone has mercy on my poor, pitiful soul and helps me out (seriously, at this point in time that is my legitimate contingency plan).  I have never been jealous of people having homework before, and know that I should just be patient, as I will be overwhelmed with my own before I know it.  So hopefully while I wait to actually do SOMETHING school related, I will do my best not to: eat too much chocolate; yell at the ridiculous freshman who think their only way to communicate with one another is by yelling; or strangle the girl I share a bathroom who literally takes 3 showers a day (I am so scared to get a glimpse of her room, what the eff is going on in there?!?).

So, Yanks-that is my latest update.  Hopefully I won’t be busting out the waterproof makeup for my contingency plan, and can write and say that I am FINALLY starting school!!  Some prayers or appendage crossing would probably be appreciated…for both my professors’ sakes and my own 😉


2 thoughts on “Oh for the love of God…

  1. And now we know that things worked out and your first class started today. The lesson learned was to ask lots of questions-and it worked! We love you and are glad that your graduate studies have officially begun!

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