The world’s worst roller coaster…

Yesterday was both the best and worst day that I have had here so far.  I am now officially enrolled in my program, and have a British bank account.  After my productive time on campus, Jenn and I walked to the nearby British Museum for a quick visit, and then decided to mix it up a bit.  And so…I took her to Camden Market (the joke here is that this is where punk was born; a bit different from the academic setting of the morning).  From there, we walked the canal until we got to Regents Park.  It was a gorgeous day, with lots of sun, amazing views, and just a comforting feeling that I fit perfectly in this city.  After we finished doing cartwheels of happiness, we decided to go out on the town for a bit.  And where else would we go, but to The Rocket??  (this was the pub that the London 2008 crew would go to every Sunday for amazing karaoke and people watching…it is now literally down the street from me).

And this is where the evening took a drastic, irreversible turn.  After finishing up dinner, I checked my email and noticed I had something from my mom: my adorable grandfather had suffered a massive stroke, and was about to be admitted into ICU.  I had just spent all day thinking that I was 100% content living in a foreign country, and now all I wanted was to be back home with my family.  I managed to get a bit of sleep before I received the call this morning that he had passed peacefully, with family by his side.  I am so thankful that he was with friends, arguing over his beloved Democratic Party at his favorite breakfast venue (McDonalds) when it hit, and that he had amazing people sitting beside him when it was his time to go.  I will forever be grateful for them being there.

Hopefully with a bit of luck and planning, I’ll be on a plane this time tomorrow.  I just want to say thank you to my amazing family and friends for their prayers and well wishes-I am truly blessed with the people I have in my life.


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