A quick glimpse through the viewfinder

While I do not have the energy to create an entire post, I feel that if I don’t stay on top of posting things I will drift into never writing.  So I’m going to cheat, and upload a short slideshow of photos taken the past few days.  Here is a glimpse at: Jenn and I in the Houston Airport, my favorite clock tower and double decker buses, the London Eye, my new favorite kind of street performer, and Jenn posing by the Eye.  I haven’t been taking many photos, but once I have my bearings around campus, and have hangers to actually hang up my clothes (I now have a valid excuse for not putting my clothes away), I will post photos of pertinent things.  But until then, enjoy the randomness.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “A quick glimpse through the viewfinder

  1. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing, you two are heavily missed more and more as the days go by. Ok enough sappiness for one day, Cheers! Btw, please come back! Your replacements are seriously shite, and haven’t done any replacing!

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