A coma, the Thames, and a functioning toilet

Well, now that I’ve settled in a bit I suppose it’s time for another update.  After settling into my coma on Sunday evening (I was actually asleep before 10:30, which is a big deal for me) and waking up a bit more refreshed Monday morning, we hit the ground running.  As we have options galore for food after we walk out of our building, we grabbed some lunch and decided our eating venue should be Green Park.  And so, we ate lunch in the green grass while staring at Buckingham Palace…weird to think that we can eat within a stone’s throw from royalty whenever we feel.  After wrapping up our meal, we meandered until we had our sights on Big Ben.  And…that’s when the tears started flowing like my favorite bottle of wine.

I fell in love with this city over 4 years ago, and always told myself that I would be back.  It didn’t hit me until I saw that clock tower that I have actually met a huge life goal, and I was completely overcome with emotion.  So I was mature, and made Jenn stop walking so I could cry like a baby on a bridge…right next to a man playing bagpipes.  Which for some reason made me cry harder (I mean, I used to love the man who would play the saxophone outside the Dallas Aquarium, and now I can listen to people play bagpipes??  Say what you will about the instruments, but that is awesome).  So after I gathered myself, we continued walking and didn’t stop until we hit my favorite museum of all time: the Tate Modern.  At that point, we realized that we were starving and exhausted, so we started the trek back to the dorm.  Jenn is wicked awesome and was wearing a pedometer, so ladies and gents: our first full day (jet lag and all), we clocked over 8 miles in a span of 3 and a half hours.  So you can imagine my dismay when the young 18 year olds who have never lived away from mom and dad decided to park drunkenly under my window (don’t worry-I bought earplugs this afternoon).

I now have my second UK mobile number of my life, as well as most of the things that are necessary to be comfortable living inside a tiny room.  Minus hangers…seriously, where do you buy hangers???

The most important update of all, though, is the fact that the loo has been fixed!!  That is literally the thing that made my day.

Well all, I really don’t have anything else exciting to report at this moment.  After orientation is done on Friday, maybe I will have some hilarious stories for you.  Until then, stay classy America!


5 thoughts on “A coma, the Thames, and a functioning toilet

      • Ok, I got super confused onto what I was actually commenting on earlier. So if you have already read my previous reply, ignore it. I did not sign such an agreement, but because I want you to be surprised I do it on principal alone. I miss you, and really wish I could give you a giant hug right now! Love you!!!!

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