A hop, skip, plane and Tube ride away!

Welp, I’m here!!  It’s an extremely surreal feeling, because it all feels normal and foreign at the same time.  I’m just a couple blocks away from where I was the first time around, but I still get crazy lost.  Poor Jenn has to put up with me saying, “and if you turn right, you’ll see the da-da-da”, only to have whatever I was thinking of be on the left.  Good to know that my directional skills have not improved in the past 4 and a half years.

Today’s adventures included finding Jenn in the Houston airport with absolutely no technology (we nailed it…she just sat at the gate and waited for me to finish scarfing down my Panda Express), an 8 and a half hour plane ride, rush hour on the Tube with massive amounts of rolling suitcases, walking a half mile with said suitcases, and then moving in!  My room is actually quite nice, but…the toilet is broken for the moment.  I share a bathroom with one other person (who I hope to God doesn’t move in until the thing is fixed), and the handle flush just pulls right out of the wall…isn’t hooked to a damn thing.  At least the shower still works (and yes, Jenna, it is the sit-in-the-bath-use-a-handheld-showerhead kind of a deal).  The bathroom is bright yellow, with a blue floor (it’s anything but boring at this point).

Jenn and I made our own scavenger hunt for the basic necessities, and I again realized how much I took Walmart and Target for granted.  Where in the hell do you go for towels, otherwise??

Now that I have my towels, and things to make me smell much better than I do at this moment in traveling history, I am going to go put up my feet, listen to the wind in the gorgeous trees outside my window, and take a short snooze to combat being up for 24 hours.

So don’t you worry your pretty little head, America-we have arrived 😉


7 thoughts on “A hop, skip, plane and Tube ride away!

  1. ahhhh i cant believe the time is already here and you are in LONDON!!! i know you will have a blast and i will be reading each and every one of your posts and dont worry i will be probably replying to most!!! have a fabolous trip…(i will be living my dream, again through u)

  2. I’m so jealous already! Not of the broken toilet obviously, but everything else! How big is that room you have??? Would you say big enough for two 🙂

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