My greatest American hits

As the time draws near (one week from now, I will be in the UK!), I am realizing more and more the things that I am going to miss from my American lifestyle.  The number one thing is, obviously, an amazing genre of Mexican cuisine.  Although there is a rumor floating about the the Brits have opened a Chipotle, I am afraid that this won’t satiate all cravings.  This time around, I also won’t have the amazing Fajita Night Crew (what am I going to do without Steven’s vegetable-flipping abilities??), or a kitchen in which to dabble.  So, I suppose the folks at Chipotle will know my name within the first month.

The thing I will miss second most: country music.  As I’ve only lived in Wyoming and Texas in my life, country music has always been a staple.  Whether it was twirling around the floor at the 2nd Street Cowboy or taking the lead at The Trophy Room, I’ve always been able to go country swing dancing whenever I wanted.  And, as Jenn doesn’t have the same love for this particular genre of music, I suppose dance parties in our tiny dormitory rooms are a no-go.

Third on my list is probably (and I feel like a 14 year old girl admitting this) texting.  I am becoming more and more guilty (and this could be because I’ve been isolated in Rawlins with only 2 friends within the city limits) of picking up my phone and sending a text when I’m bored.  Or when something hilarious happens, and I need to share.  Or if…well, you get the idea.  So brace yourselves, peeps-the text will probably become replaced with the Facebook message.

My next admittance is a completely American statement: I will miss the greasy hamburgers that American life has to offer.  Now, yes, there are McDonalds in all walks of life, but they are SO much healthier in Europe.  Which will make me love the Big Mac less.  I guess I’ll have to replace the grease and large servings with delicious, amazing, creamy European chocolate 🙂

I will also probably be going through some pretty serious withdrawals from going cold turkey with my online television shows.  Ever since I gave up cable 5 years ago, I’ve become hooked.  As I write this, I am watching my latest addiction…why I started a show on Netflix with 3 seasons available, 7 days before I leave the country is beyond me.  But that’s what happens when you have a problem-your actions become sporadic and unexplainable.  Right??

The usual sentiments are also applicable, but I’ve been missing most of them for the past 2 months: my beloved Dallas and the amazing people there.  I know I was quite mushy when I left, but that was for good reason: moving to Texas was the best decision I have ever made in my life.  I miss my amazing times with my  Cool Kids, and I miss the following Sunday drives to Murphy to see my favorite tiny humans feelin’ a bit more than hungover, and the jokes that followed.  I miss the incredibly random weekends in Fort Worth, and bagels and reading.  I could go on and on about the wonders that lie in my favorite metropolis; I may not have been born in Texas, but I got there as quick as I could.

I will miss Wyoming as well, but as I’m still here I need to shake off the melancholy of knowing that the goodbyes are looming in the near future, and spend as much time with my loved ones as I can.  So I will start with my parents and grandparents, and work my way along the interstate to my amazing friends in Laramie and Cheyenne.

And so, I give to you my last post on American soil.  As soon as I can find Internet, and get me feet underneath me, I will broadcast an update on the American girl in London!


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