Welcome to my narcissism!

Hello all!  Because I am an inherently selfish being, when I make the jump across the pond I want to avoid mass emails.  And so, I forced my technological goddess into helping me create a blog so that that could be avoided.  Sooo, tada!

We are officially in single digits as of today-9 days until I board a plane and move outside of my comfort zone, and into another country!  I go back and forth between dance montages of excitement, and grabbing the nearest paper bag to breath in to; while I am so excited to live in one of the world’s most fabulous cities, I am super nervous about plunging into grad school.  I think that I have my class list narrowed down, but I will save that unveiling for after I’ve registered for classes on the 25th.

Jenn and I will land on the morning of the 16th, and putt around for a few days until we have the pleasure of sitting through orientation.  I say this a bit begrudgingly, because I am having flashbacks of the nail-grating experience that was UW Freshman Orientation.  Nothing can be worse than that, and so hopefully it will be a good time.

Well, I suppose that I should be done procrastinating and actually go start the daunting task of putting things into suitcases.  Which is interesting, because I have to stuff my entire life into only 2 bits of luggage. Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to my narcissism!

  1. Our little girl is all grown up…Can’t wait to read all of your super awesome posts and even the not so super awesome ones. Let’s just hope this one has more frequency than the nanny diaries.

  2. Speaking of narcisissm, don’t think I didn’t notice you started this blog on MY birthday! I can’t wait to read all about your lollygagging and shenanigans (when you meet some of the family in Ireland) and the other goings-on you will have. I am envious of you in a good way! Have fun and study hard 🙂 Well one out two ain’t half bad!

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